In an effort to save money and be more environmentally responsible, I sold my car… It was a sizable relief to get out from under the yearly payment, insurance bills and requirements for inspection and oil fluctuations.

I no longer need to worry about filling up with gas, the condition of the roads or parking spots.

I’m blessed to be centrally located and have access to public conveyation, and whenever possible, I walk or ride my bicycle. I have a lot of necessary items delivered to my home. Initially, one of my largest challenges was getting to the closest cannabis dispensary. I have a variety of minor troubles that I treat with weed. I use topicals to treat aches and pains in my hips and shoulders as well as arthritis in my hands. I’ve found that tinctures are unbelievable for alleviating migraines and a hit off a vape or a gummy can help me sleep, but recreational cannabis is legal in my state. I simply show a valid government-issued identification, and I’m able to make a purchase… The bus route doesn’t have a stop someplace close to the dispensary. The distance from my home to the dispensary is a bit far for a pleasant bike ride. The weather in my local area rarely cooperates. I’d rather not get caught in the rain or deal with intense heat and humidity. I tried taking an Uber however the expense was a concern for my budget. I am seriously thankful that the dispensary now offers delivery service; Shopping online is lovelyly convenient. I search through their menu for my favorite strains and flavors, check out daily deals and study the descriptions of each product. The website provides the list of ingredients, cannabinoids, terpenes, potency, weight and price. I add my choices to my cart and set up a delivery time.
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