Right now my finances haven’t been great. I had to spend a lot of money on medical procedures and it left me tapped out completely on my reserves. Right now I have to live with less food money to get by from one day to the next. However, I have some experience with living like this. When I was in college I had almost no money to survive on. I learned how to buy ramen noodles and large bags of frozen vegetables to combine and make hearty meals. I would also get cans of chicken or ham to combine with the noodles and the Frozen vegetables. Instead of getting ramen noodles this time, I got cheap bags of rice and boxes of noodles. I took advantage of a drop and egg prices this week as a means to get some cheap protein for a change. I think everybody’s hurting from inflation right now, even if they’re in a better financial position than I am at present. I also had to lower my budget on medical cannabis to get by. If things were ideal I would buy top shelf cannabis flower products from my favorite dispensaries, however that’s not how things are right now. I have to buy cannabis from whatever places selling it at discounted prices. That means buying cannabis that isn’t the highest quality or the longest lasting effects. Maybe if I really needed the cannabis for strong medical effects I would require a higher quality cannabis product, however I can get by with the cheaper cannabis flower products for now.
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