I live in a fairly conservative city.

There are only a small number of liquor licenses available per capita in this area and all of them have long since been handed out to existing companies.

If somebody wanted to open a nightclub, they’d have a better chance trying to sell someone land in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It was one of the worst places to grow up as a kid back in the 1990s. If I thought it was bad nowadays, I had no idea back when I was a kid. The city council was so extreme that they banned skateboarding right around the time I started to ride myself. We were all threatened with police action if we were caught dead skateboarding on any public grounds throughout the city. I pretty much meant the only places we could skateboard would be within our own properties. But, if we live within a certain distance of downtown, we couldn’t even use skateboards on her own properties. Now the city has gone so far as to ban all cannabis dispensaries. That means if you want to get cannabis, you have to drive out of the city or get a delivery order from a cannabis dispensary in the state. It’s really frustrating not having access to the cannabis dispensaries that are found in all the other cities within our whole state. Perhaps at some point in time the city will realize that they’re losing out on revenue by keeping cannabis dispensaries banned and they’ll perhaps consider changing the rules. I can’t hold my breath for the day when a cannabis dispensary will exist within our city limits.


Medical Cannabis