I find it annoying that anyone who visits me wants to stop into the nearest cannabis dispensary.

Since my state offers recreational weed, everyone wants to experience it.

It is like going to the same tourist traps time and time again. For me, cannabis is no longer a fun thing to do. It isn’t like going to the bars and getting some booze. It is more like heading to the pharmacy. I am actually a medical weed patient now. I use cannabis oil in order to sleep at night. I use a topical for muscle pain and I vape a cannabis oil when my anxiety flares up. I don’t pick up any sativas with high THC content. I don’t even go for edibles either. It is strictly to keep me sane and normal day to day. When an out of town friend comes to visit, they always want to stop into the cannabis dispensary near me. They find it amazing all the options. The edibles are no longer cool to me. I don’t want THC infused gummies, CBD chocolates or a cannabutter. I just want to eat normal food. I also don’t want to try a new strain that gets you insanely high. I am in my 30s, I feel the days of getting stoned in the middle of the day are over. I prefer using it for medical reasons. I am a good sport though. I know for people in medical weed only states are downright desperate for recreational cannabis. So I take them to the local dispensary, waste an hour and then we can get on with the visit.


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