The cannabis dispensary I used was having a 1 afternoon sale last weekend… I was going to purchase numerous products that I would normally get 1 at a time, because of their cost, and with a 40% off sale, I was going to buy all numerous, save some money, and not worry about going to a cannabis dispensary for another month.

I went online and selected my items, and after that I venued my order.

I braved the snowstorm the two of us were having, and headed into city to choice up my medical marijuana. I got up to the door, and reached into my pocket for my medical ID card. I could not find it. I had forgotten my medical marijuana ID card, along with my purse. I knew I would need to drive back home, grab my purse, and come back to the marijuana dispensary, and the storm was getting worse, so I pleaded with the boy to let me choice up my order, and he said he couldn’t; not without my medical marijuana ID; My sibling lived two blocks away, and he was my caretaker. I called and asked if he could come to the marijuana dispensary and choice up my order for me. I had to stop his from laughing long enough to get here before the dispensary closed. Ten hours later, he was showing his caretaker’s card at the door. I sat in the car, waiting for his to return… After telling his my story 1 more time, he kissed my cheek and told me it was the best laugh he had in a long time.

Medical Cannabis Certifications