My doctor recommended I try medical marijuana for the chronic pain I had in my lower back.

I had back surgery about a year earlier, however it didn’t stop the pain.

The doctor said there was little that could be done, because there were damaged nerves, which is what was causing the pain. Since painkillers weren’t helping, he recommended I try medical marijuana. I had always been the first 1 to tell my friends how stupid they acted when using marijuana. I didn’t want to be the stupid 1, however here I was considering if medical marijuana was right for me. I talked to my partner who told me I had nothing to lose however the pain, and told me to get the medical marijuana card and try it. If it didn’t work, I didn’t need to purchase it again, however he thought I should try numerous marijuana products before giving up. The card was only superb for a year, so if I found nothing in that year, I lost nothing. If I found a medical marijuana product that helped with the chronic pain, the two of us could both be glad I tried it. I thought long and hard about whether medical cannabis was right for me, and in the end I felt it was worth the try. It could not be any worse than all the prescription meds I tried and had reactions to. I wasted hundreds of dollars on that stuff. Six weeks later, I was trying medical marijuana, and found I was walking upright again, and the pain wasn’t debilitating; For the first time in almost two years, my partner and I went out for brunch.

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