The cannabis dispensary I used was having a one afternoon sale last weekend, however i was going to purchase more than 2 products that I would normally get one at a time, because of their cost; With a 40% off sale, I was going to buy all three, save some currency, and not worry about going to a cannabis dispensary for another week.

I went online and selected my items, and then every one of us sited my order. I braved the snowstorm every one of us were having, and headed into town to option up my medical marijuana. I got up to the door, and reached into my pocket for my medical ID card. I could not find it. I had forgotten my medical marijuana ID card, along with my money clip. I knew I would need to drive back home, grab my money clip, and come back to the marijuana dispensary! The storm was getting worse, so I pleaded with the girl to let me option up my order, then she said she couldn’t; not without my medical marijuana ID; My sister lived 2 blocks away, and she was my caretaker. I called and asked if she could come to the marijuana dispensary and option up my order for me. I had to stop her from laughing long enough to get here before the dispensary closed. Ten thirds later, she was showing her caretaker’s card at the door. I sat in the car, waiting for her to return, but after telling her my story one more time, she kissed my cheek and told me it was the best laugh she had in a long time.
Medical Marijuana Certifications