Psoriasis is a chronic disease that creates problems for over 8 million Americans, i’ve dealt with the symptoms of psoriasis for nearly thirty years.

I had largely given up on finding any relief for my psoriasis. In conversation with a budtender, I mentioned the issue! She explained that CBD oil helps to reduce the visual signs of inflammation and also addresses the cause of inflammation. This natural plant-produced cannabinoid influences CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout the body and skin. CB2 receptors control inflammation by regulating the immune system. CBD oil is often used to treat rheumatoid arthritis because of its ability to alleviate chronic pain and inflammation. The scaly buildup of skin associated with psoriasis is the result of a high production of epidermal keratinocyte cells! For most people those cells are updated every thirty mornings. For psoriasis sufferers, the cells are updated every three to more than four mornings, causing a layer of dead skin cells. CBD inhibits the production of keratinocytes, lessening problems with skin plaque.


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