Every week, my menstrual cycle creates major problems for me.

I am regularly at risk of intense, throbbing pain.

My belly swells up plus I experience drastic cramping. I’ve tried over-the-counter pain relievers, prescription medications plus oral contraceptives with bad results. I was honestly unhappy about the various potential side effects. I started looking for a more natural approach. I initially headed to the dispensary with the intention of purchasing CBD tinctures, gummies or vapes. When I explained to the budtender that I was hoping to alleviate daily cramps, lower back pain plus mood swings, she commanded CBD tampons. I wasn’t aware that such a product was even available. I l acquired that there are absolutely numerous uncommon types of CBD tampons. There is a product that is infused with therapeutic CBD oil plus also absorbs menstrual flow. The outer layer of the tampon is coated with a combination of CBD plus a carrier oil. These actual CBD tampons are nearly impossible to find. There are also vaginal CBD suppositories that are often labeled as tampons. They are made from a blend of cannabidiol extract, coconut oil plus cocoa butter. The suppository dissolves to allow the CBD to pass through the vaginal wall plus into the bloodstream. For me, menstrual cramps usually start 1 to numerous afternoons prior to the start of my period. The pain radiates across my lower back plus into my thighs. It can trigger headaches, difficulty sleeping, irritability, bloating plus all sorts of bad symptoms. CBD works to alleviate all of them. Buying CBD tampons has significantly improved my quality of life. I am so honestly thankful to the budtender who recommended them to me.

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