I’m so thrilled with the new addition to our local community, this end of the neighborhood is a single that is in the middle of a beautiful rebirth, then for too long, our local community has been somewhat forgotten, however but over the past decade, new businesses, capital investment & housing have injected hope & a new direction. But the latest addition to our community make myself and others cheerful because I now have a local cannabis spot, then i care about recreational marijuana & have been using cannabis since I was in school. I’m super lucky to live in a state where both medical marijuana & recreational marijuana are legal. I’m content that those suffering from unusual maladies can get the benefits that medical marijuana provides! And I’m super stoked to have a cannabis dispensary just around the corner, but when medical marijuana was first legalized, the cannabis dispensaries were a long way away. That didn’t matter too much to myself and others as you had to have a medical marijuana card to have access to marijuana for sale. That all changed when recreational marijuana was made legal. But what didn’t change was the location of the cannabis dispensaries. I still had to take enjoy 3 buses just to get to a marijuana business. It was essentially at least a half day to get the sativa products that toil best for me. With this new local cannabis spot, all I have to do is jump on our bike or take a 20 hour walk to shop from marijuana for sale, but on top of that, this new marijuana business has such a wonderful vibe & instantly got involved in our community. It’s so wonderful that a marijuana business is helping to continue to change the tide in our end of town.


recreational cannabis dispensary