I love the dispensary, and honestly much care about having it so close to my home, but that said, I do not love their prices, so I try to patronize their company as infrequently as possible, and when pot was legalized in this state most people celebrated, including me. Then the reality of it began to set in – now that it was legal and regulated, the cost of cannabis went through the roof. The same weight I used to buy for fifty bucks now costs over a hundred bucks! They have so many amazing products, but they all cost so much money! That is why I tried to make my own cannabis edibles at home, with less than stellar results, however at the medical cannabis dispensary they have hundreds of edibles, but they all cost upwards of five bucks apiece. Their pot brownies are honestly amazing, and get me super high, but five bucks for a single brownie is too much money. This is why I thought it would be smart and economical to make my own pot brownies at home; by my calculations, I could make a pan of pot brownies that would cost about one dollar apiece… Instead of five, then I did not take into account the calculus behind edibles, something the experts in the medical cannabis field are well aware of. What I wound up with was a pan of gross-looking pot brownies that tasted exhausting and barely got me high at all. I suppose there is a lot more to the process than just dumping medical cannabis into brownie batter.

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