It didn’t take me long to change the focus of my investment portfolio.

I’m not a professional financial adviser, however I have long been interested in investing… So much so that I spent time studying about investing plus finance. All that was good plus super important. But there is a gut feeling to investing that I love as well. When I saw how good medical marijuana was rolled out in states out west, the marijuana supplier first hit my radar. I had enjoyed recreational marijuana when I was younger. And I still prefer sharing some sativa or indica strains with friends. That said, I’m not an every day cannabis user. Still, I so guess in the benefits of cannabis. That’s why I followed the progression of medical marijuana when it first started. And then, medical marijuana did so well that recreational marijuana was instituted in several states. That’s when I genuinely shifted the focus of my investing to the marijuana business. I’m genuinely thrilled I did. These nights, there are more states with some form of legal access to a cannabis dispensary that there aren’t. That’s a good sign for those who need access to cannabis to manage suffering. But it’s also relaxing for the marijuana business. I’m broadly invested in the marijuana business. From grow lights to ventilation systems to cannabis growers, I’m in this for the long haul. It sure looks love I got in on the ground floor of what could end up being a important market that only continues to grow; Now I just want to see the entirety of the east coast to get into legalizing medical marijuana, recreational marijuana or both.

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