I’ve been a bit of a couch potato for the last nearly two decades.

And that really did need to come to a close.

It wasn’t good for my health nor was it good for my marriage. My wife has always been very active. And over the last several years, she’s sort of been resigned to leaving me at home. But thanks to a newfound commitment and then a trip to the cannabis dispensary, we’re changing things up. Honestly, I just had to get up off my but and cannabis products really helped me to do that. Getting off my butt at the office wasn’t so hard. I had one of those standing desk things installed. These days, I spend at least half of my day standing while I work. But my days off were different. All I wanted to so before I found these cherished hybrid strains was do nothing. Well, I’d grab a sixer a sandwich and a bag of chips to do nothing. That was no longer in play. Thankfully, a buddy suggested that I stop by the local cannabis spot for some assistance. I was amazed by the professionals in that cannabis dispensary. They were just so completely knowledgeable about marijuana for sale. And they were able to take my situation into account when they recommended a certain hybrid strain for me to purchase. And then, they told me to go to the park for the day. I nibbled on about a third of the cannabis edible and spent one of the best days off I’ve had in years enjoying nature. My wife can hardly even believe the changes.
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