It’s been a really tough year.

I encountered some unexpected health problems last year that required some pretty aggressive treatment.

But there was nothing else to be done but get through it. Still, the recovery process was long and difficult and there were additional procedures. I’m just so glad that I listened to my sister about going to the cannabis dispensary. She has been a cannabis advocate for a very long time. She got out the vote for both medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana. And she knows her stuff when it comes to cannabis products as well. My sister literally took me by the hand after the second procedure and took me with her to the local cannabis spot. The cannabis experts then really listened to me when I was describing the specifics of my difficulties. Amazingly, they had two hybrid strains for me to try. There was also a pair of indica products that they wanted me to sample as well. All of the cannabis was aimed at reducing inflammation, pain management and mood uplift. I wasn’t all that hopeful prior to using the cannabis edible sampler they put together for me. But man, am I ever a believer in the benefits of marijuana these days. The benefits started that first night. For the first time in months, I just let go of all of my concerns and leaned into acceptance. I’m now getting close to a new normal and I have the local cannabis spot to add to my thank you list. Those folks really did me a solid and it wouldn’t have happened if not for my cannabis advocate sister.

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