Wow, life really is full of surprises.

And this latest one has sort of blown the top of my head clean off.

So my dad just loves coming to visit us even more now that we live where recreational marijuana is legal. This is from the same guy who threatened me with life and limb if I ever started smoking weed. To say this guy was anti cannabis was the understatement of all time. Little did I know that he actually enjoyed sativa and indica. The guy was in college in 1970 at the height of the explosion of recreational marijuana use. And apparently, he really enjoyed using cannabis back then. But when I was coming up, he would eye me the desert in my college fridge convinced it was a pot brownie. Of course, I was enjoying pot brownies here and there at the time. But I wasn’t dumb enough to leave them in a mini fridge when my dad was coming to visit. So in a complete reversal, dad is now visiting me and is always eager to head to the local cannabis spot. I think part of the thrill is just being able to shop for marijuana for sale. He loves talking to the cannabis experts as well. But his mind is just blown by how there are seemingly endless hybrid strains out there for sale. The man would spend hours inside the cannabis dispensary if it was up to him. Each time we go, he gets a sampler pack of cannabis products. We’ve actually really sort of bonded more than ever thanks to our trips to the cannabis dispensary and sharing a love for marijuana.

Marijuana delivery