I watched slobbering a bit as the new cannabis dispensary started to take shape last year.

This marijuana business actually took over a commercial property that had been a lot of things during my time in this community. That spot had been a bakery, a restaurant and even a high hat store of all things. But once the word got out that it was going to be our local cannabis spot, we were all pretty geeked by that news. Still, it seemed like it took forever just for the remodeling of the building to get done. Meantime, I still had to travel all the way across the city in order to shop for marijuana for sale. Not that I’m complaining though. Man, I’m just so thankful that medical marijuana was done so well. Otherwise, recreational marijuana wouldn’t have even gotten on the ballot. But having a local cannabis spot really was a bit of a dream for all of us who love marijuana in this community. So finally late this fall, the grand opening of our local cannabis spot finally took place. And I was right in front to get inside this awesome cannabis dispensary. For sure, this marijuana business does not disappoint. There are aisle after aisle of every kind of cannabis product one can imagine. I spent nearly two hours inside the new cannabis dispensary when they first opened. I’m so thankful to have this place in our community. Not only does it supply us with marijuana for sale locally but it’s got great vibes as well.


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