Complications, stress and being overwhelmed never got me where I thought it was supposed to get me.

I mean, I was raised to never give up and to just keep plowing ahead.

But I wish I had found marijuana earlier. That would have helped me realize that pounding my head against a block wall isn’t at all productive. And yet, that’s what I’d been doing with almost every aspect of my entire adult life. That all change after the very first visit to the cannabis dispensary. Our state legalized recreational marijuana soon after it was obvious what a benefit medical marijuana was. There were more than a million people in our state who immediately benefited from medical marijuana. So many were able to manage different maladies in a way that worked so much better for them. Believe it or not, many people simply can’t tolerate a steady stream of pharmaceuticals. Having something natural like cannabis products was such a huge thing for so many who were suffering needlessly. Medical marijuana made it easy to pass recreational marijuana. And I’m sure thankful for that as I’m approaching a big life change thanks to marijuana. I’ve decided to totally simplify my life and live more in tune or perhaps more holistically. I’m still going to work but I have boundaries there now. My attention outside of work is now just on my relationships and on growing my own soul. Like I said, this change has been way overdue but it’s happening. And being able to rely on the perspective I get from a select set of sativa strains sure helps. When I start doubting my resolve, the sativa strain for sale at the cannabis dispensary get my head back in the now.

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