Like I said, cannabis cafe day is often the best day of the week by a mile

It’s really often the very best part of my week. But why wouldn’t it be. I get to the cannabis cafe early in the morning to choose my cannabis edible selection of the week. And then I go with one of three standbys when it comes to the best coffee in town. From there, I take my tablet, my cannabis edible and my coffee to my favorite spot just outside the cannabis cafe. It’s just perfect and that’s why I get up early to snag that perfect table. I set up camp and start nibbling on my yummy cannabis products. Quite often, I go with the old school pot brownie. It’s just so good and it beats any other pot brownie that I’ve ever put in my mouth. I put in my head phones and dial in one of my favorite playlists while I let my coffee cool a bit. I have to sort of take it a bit easy with my pot brownie because I am usually joined by some other friends and I don’t like to get to ahead fo everybody. Once my friends join me, there is a great deal of laughter and discussion. It’s just the best day ever. Then, once we all wrap it up at the cannabis cafe, I set out for the park with anyone who wants to join in. A few more nibbles on the pot brownie and then it’s soaking up the sun and playing frisbee for hours. Like I said, cannabis cafe day is often the best day of the week by a mile. I’m just so thankful that the cannabis cafe is just down the street from where I live.



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