I’m sort of glad that my wife and my doctor sort of ganged up on me about my health.

This pair of blessings may seem incongruous but they fit hand in hand. At 50, I was in just such bad shape that I was starting to see my health deteriorate bit by bit. If I didn’t change course, I was looking at shortening my life by a large measure. Not only that but the quality of that life would have been miserable. So with the support of my wife and my doctor, I completely committed to changing my lifestyle. I started standing at work and bring a healthy lunch. I then went home for walks and a healthy dinner with my wife. There was no more booze and processed food. But when I got down, the sativa and indica strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary were so helpful. I have never been much of a recreational marijuana user. I’ve always much preferred alcohol. And that has a lot to do with the terrible shape that I found myself in. But taking that bad stuff out of my life and replacing it with healthy, active and positive stuff has worked wonders. I have to hand it to the cannabis products pros at the local cannabis spot though. They have been so good about fine tuning the sort of sativa and indica strains that work best for me. In fact, I now use a blend of both which is a hybrid strain. Just a small amount of the hybrid strain gets me all motivated to keep going with this new lifestyle.
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