It’s always sort of interesting to watch the expression on the face of a new acquaintance when I start talking about the benefits of cannabis.

There is almost a double take with most people that don’t know me all that well.

A lot of people know me as the local tennis pro at the club. And many of those folks know that I’m still playing professionals tennis on some of the satellite tours. So often, I get a raised eyebrow when I mention the cannabis dispensary or just how much sativa and indica strains really do help me. I guess using cannabis products as an athlete seems weird. But it shouldn’t because there are many, many athletes who also rely on sativa and indica to deal with this life. For sure, I’m so lucky to not have to work in some office or something like that. And I got a fee college education from my talents as well. Being able to pursue an athletic passion into your mid thirties is awesome. But it comes with a lot of work and maintenance. Of course, I maintain a very strict diet that’s pretty much absent of anything processed or bad for me. I also train a lot. The indica strains help me so much in recovery and injury prevention. The indica strains really help me get the most out of my stretching sessions each day thanks to added range of motion. And the indica helps with inflammation and pain management. But the sativa really helps keep a positive perspective and live in gratitude for the life I get to lead.

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