So I guess I’m starting to feel my age a bit.

Waking up on Saturday mornings were becoming a whole scene.

I was barely seeing the crack of noon after partying on Friday night. This had always been the cycle when it came to the weekend. I was one of the few people in our circle who kept partying to the weekend in college. So that’s sort of how I carried it over to adult life. With trips to the cannabis dispensary, I’m now learning a better way to enjoy that Friday night release. My work is tough. And it requires long hours where the stress can reach a critical mass at times. So when Friday rolls around, I’m ready to release all that pent up steam from the week. Recently, I took advantage of the fact that recreational marijuana is legal in this region. I’ve never really been all that into marijuana but thought perhaps I should explore a different way to let go and relax. The alcohol fueled Friday nights have really been taking their toll on my weekend. So I chose to go a new direction using cannabis products. I learned a lot about marijuana for sale during my first visit to the local cannabis spot. The idea of smoking wasn’t all that appealing. So I decided to get a few cannabis edibles as well as a cannabis oil pen. It’s much more measured dosage using the cannabis oil pen. And the edibles have been a nice way to ease into the weekend on Friday night. I still get to release and relax but then, I want to get up and have a great time doing outdoor stuff on Saturday.

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