I don’t appreciate the fact that I feel so much older than I am to be honest. Of course, thanks to medical marijuana, I’m on my way back to doing what I sincerely want to do. When you have a bad back, there is no end to the frustration I feel! It’s just so challenging not to be able to do something as straight-forward as reach down and actually pick up the laundry basket. The fact that I’m only in my mid forties didn’t help too much. At first, before I learned how to get a medical marijuana card, I went to the medical professional, and my medical professional then sent me to a back specialist who didn’t easily seem to have answers. We tried the medication route however that ended up with me being foggy and listless, but that led me to be more sedentary which is not a good thing for a bad back… From there, it was off to see the surgeon. At that point, I was willing to have anybody help with pain relief even if it meant surgery. But fortunately, my sibling suggested that I pump the brakes on surgery and learn a little bit more when it came to medical marijuana benefits. The very thought of surgery was a bit too extreme and the data doesn’t support back surgery as a cure to be honest. If I was only going to be getting relief and management from surgery, why not look into using cannabis flower products… Getting through the marijuana regulations wasn’t especially tough and I accessed the legal weed store near me. Since then, I canceled the back surgery and am managing way better than I have in years thanks to the legal weed store.

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