When my landlord told me that he would not renew my lease, I panicked a little bit.

Also, I just didn’t want to go through all the effort and hassle of finding a new home, and then packing up and moving all my stuff. Moving to a new home is one of the biggest headaches imaginable. I have come to see that this turn of events was a blessing in disguise, because I found my dream apartment soon after. The loft is in a small 3 story building, and the first floor is home to a cannabis dispensary. I could hardly believe my luck, but I actually found a rental in the same building as a cannabis shop! This is even better than being close to work! In my old place it was a ten minute drive to the closest cannabis dispensary. That doesn’t sound like a long distance, but after a few hours of chugging beers and smoking marijuana it was an eternity! Whenever I went I would buy a large quantity of cannabis, so that I wouldn’t have to come back for a while. Now I never need to stock up, I can pop downstairs to the cannabis dispensary anytime the mood strikes me, and see what I feel like smoking that day. Now I only buy a few grams at a time, which allows me to try new strains of cannabis, and explore more options.

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