The big annual convention was in Sin City this year, so I had to attend! I have only been to America’s Playground once before, and I had the time of my life. I do not have the world’s most exciting job – I sell mattresses and beds. Mattress salespeople are the modern day version of used car dealers, hustling to make every sale. This year’s convention was of particular importance, because it was based around fighting back against online sales. I lose a lot of my sales to online vendors, and it’s really cutting into my bottom line, so I thought I could learn a few things. If I’m being honest, the main reasons I was excited were for legal cannabis and gambling. Both gambling and cannabis are illegal in my state, so this convention would be a prime opportunity to cut loose and have fun. All of the major conference meetings were held in the morning and early afternoon, and as soon as they wrapped for the day I went straight to the nearest cannabis dispensary. In Sin City there are literally dozens of marijuana stores, so I didn’t have to look very hard to find one. After spending an hour in my room drinking whiskey and smoking Purple Haze cannabis, I would hit the casino floor and gamble for a few hours. Then I would retire to my hotel room and smoke more cannabis, to help me forget about all the money I lost. On my last day there I was so deep in the hole I couldn’t even afford a final trip to the cannabis dispensary.


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