With the economy being as rough as it is, I have done my best to reduce spending. My wife has started running the budget, because I spend too much money on things we don’t need. She is the best person for that job, I agree. If we are going to keep our heads above water, she will need to balance the books. I work and have my own money, of course, but most of it goes into a shared account for bills and expenses. Since I rely so heavily on cannabis, that is considered a necessary expense. That said, I need to spend a little less when I go to the cannabis dispensary, which is why I started comparison shopping. There are currently four cannabis dispensaries within easy driving distance from my home. I had fallen into the habit of always going to the nearest cannabis dispensary and buying whatever I wanted. With a new focus on the budget, I started to check out the websites for each of them on a daily basis, looking for sales or deals on cannabis products. In the past I had always stuck with my faves, like Blue Dream, Purple Haze, or OG Kush, but now I broadened my horizons and started sampling new strains of weed. I’m actually a little embarrassed, because I never knew how easy it was to save money on cannabis if you do a little research first. My wife is happy because I’ve chopped my cannabis budget in half, but I’m happy because I can still smoke as much as ever.

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