I don’t know why it took me so long to get into yoga.

I started it a few months ago, and have to say that I have never felt better.

Yoga gives me the great feeling of an intense workout without the high impact on my aging joints. I am not a young man any more, so I needed to adapt my workout schedule to account for my deteriorating body. I still do some light weight lifting, and use a treadmill at a slow speed, but more and more my focus is on yoga. Another benefit is that yoga is one of the few forms of exercise that is enhanced by cannabis. I have been smoking a lot of cannabis in my golden years, and the holistic aspect of pot and yoga have a strong synergistic effect for me. Medical cannabis is the best medicine I have ever taken for relaxing my body, and opening up my mind. It is no coincidence that the yoga studio is located right next door to the medical cannabis dispensary. In fact they are both owned by the same person! Yoga and medical cannabis both contribute to the holistic lifestyle, to bring balance into the mind/body connection. During yoga I can go deep inside myself, and focus entirely on my thoughts and feelings as I exert my body, and this is something medical cannabis helps me with. Other than during yoga, the only time I smoke medical cannabis is right before bed, because I love the way it helps me drift to sleep.
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