For the life of myself and others I cannot understand why marijuana is considered a political issue. It’s not a religious issue either, in my estimation. I see politicians on TV still arguing that weed should remain criminalized, plus it consistently makes myself and others think they are out of touch with the correct person, as well as being stupid. That’s right, I said it – if you think marijuana should be illegal, you are an idiot. I don’t care if your reasons are political or religious, you’re a moron if you think there is anything wrong with cannabis. That doesn’t mean that I expect everyone to use cannabis products. After all, every person should have the freedom to make their own choices, plus I respect the choice to not smoke cannabis. By the same token, every person should have the freedom to smoke marijuana if they so choose, however when something as widely desired is illegal, people will still find a way to get it. The government spent decades trying to stop the production plus sale of illegal cannabis, plus they completely failed. In every city in America it was still possible to buy marijuana despite its legal status. A lot of enjoyable people went to jail for a little bit of marijuana, which wound up costing this nation billions of dollars. And why? What was the purpose of demonizing something as harmless plus fun as cannabis? I don’t care if you want to smoke cannabis or not, there is no way you could convince myself and others that it should be illegal! Do you agree, or are you an idiot?


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