My friend Carrie got into a bicycle accident a long time ago.

I think it was about fourteen years ago now.

Carrie has been using medical marijuana for pain management ever since she ended up with all of the chronic pain that she is dealing with. She always says that it’s really difficult to find a good dispensary around here. She recently found a good place to purchase her medical marijuana from, though. It’s only about 15 minutes away from her house and so she goes there all the time. Carrie told me the other day that she went there over the weekend to buy some new medical marijuana products. She told me again how much she loves the place and that it is the best one that she has ever been to. Apparently, the layout of the store is wonderful and so is the product line that they have. Carrie told me that the employees at the medical marijuana store are super friendly and knowledgeable and she just really enjoys going there. I still haven’t been there but from everything that Carrie says, this dispensary is the best place ever. If Carrie says that they have great, high quality products, then I definitely believe her. They have some one of a kind products there that she hasn’t seen anywhere else. Carrie also says that she never feels pressured to buy the marijuana products that they show her, either. That’s always very important to me. I don’t like being pressured by salespeople, especially when it comes to medical marijuana products!

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