Over the last year I’ve had to reign in my spending.

When I was right out of college I didn’t have many responsibilities beyond my own care. I could spend money frivolously as long as I was affording my bills and all of my expenses. I kind of miss those days because they’re a lot more simple than life is now. I have a family with a wife and two children, so most of my money has to go towards the family as a whole. I can’t go out buying expensive scotch or whiskey just because the thought crosses my mind. I had to stop eating out and spending so much money on meals or restaurants as well. Another thing that I can’t really spend much money on anymore is cannabis. When I was in college I spent every last dollar I didn’t spend on food on smoking weed. Despite it being all black market cannabis some of it was actually pretty good. My friends told me that a lot of it was shipped in from out west, but there was plenty of weed that was grown here in the state. There were home growers that would create grow rooms and their attics or garages. Even though I technically use cannabis medically, I still can’t spend that much money on it every month. I have to think about my kids who need clothes for school and my wife who is desperately juggling our bills. That’s what stops me from spending too much money when I’m at the cannabis dispensary. But it’s really hard when there’s sales at the cannabis dispensaries for holidays, because they’ll have lots of weed at low prices.


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