When I first met my man, he told myself and others that he had a few problems with mental health, and since I do as well, I was glad to be an open book to his in an attempt at commiserating.

While mine had gotten a little bit better in recent years after starting a current job, my man’s was getting worse because his job situation wasn’t ideal. She tried taking antidepressants for a number of years but they didn’t legitimately help. She did try one antidepressant as well as then another until he ran out of options. We’ll try as well as incorporate current hobbies as well as current fun activities on the weekends, it wasn’t enough to stave off the downside thoughts throughout the week. At this point my man was understandably starting to recognize at his wit’s end! Finally the only thing that legitimately helped my man’s depression was using medical cannabis. I used to use cannabis weekly in university but had quit for a number of years. I decided to provide it a shot after our state passed a medical cannabis law recently. I got a medical marijuana card from the state’s department of health as well as started going to the local cannabis dispensaries for both myself as well as my man. She seems to love the sativa strains the most. We have both found that the ending constraints can sometimes be so sedating that they legitimately make the depression symptoms worse. I’ve been using cannabis as well as well as it’s been giving myself and others legitimately good effects. I also tend to love the sativa strains more than the index of strains when I get a chance to choose.

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