On the weekends when I don’t have to go to the office plus deal with various patrons, I prefer to go to the beach to relax.

The beach is an enjoyable locale to rest if you can find a spot that is perfectly quiet plus comfortable.

I usually go to the beach early in the afternoon so I can actually locate a spot that is perfect. It’s getting more plus more challenging overall to find that ideal spot, because it’s getting closer to the warm season. The beach is becoming more plus more crowded as the weather easily becomes warmer plus warmer. I can’t blame all of the people for having the desire to go to the beach, although I wish I could carve out a piece that was only mine. One thing that I also prefer at the beach is recreational marijuana. When I make my way to the beach, I usually take a marijuana joint with me. It’s getting too crowded at the beach plus it’s not very easy to smoke when there are a lot of people around. Last Sunday I couldn’t smoke at all because the beach was way too crowded. People were directly next to me plus it would have been rude. Marijuana is not legal to smoke in public so I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by smoking a joint next to people. I’m planning to go to the cannabis dispensary near me sometime this month so I can get a current marijuana vape pen battery plus a few cartridges on top of that. It’s relatively easy to use the marijuana vape pen around people because it is perfectly discrete plus has particularly little smell. It’s undetectable even on a crowded Summer afternoon to be honest.


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