Tuesday afternoon I was working a late shift at the automobile rental company plus it was just me plus my buddy Jack… Jack is the brand new guy, although I have been working there for a year. It’s up to me to finish entering all of the sales plus rentals at the end of the day. Jack regularly chooses to stay out in the lot when all of the cars come in from the airport plus he checks in each one of the cars when they show up. The man makes sure that the automobile is filled with gas plus that the interior is perfectly clean. He notes any concerns that look out of the ordinary such as stains, burns, foul smells, or mechanical or physical destruction to the vehicle. Jack came to get me around 9:00 just as the last couple of cars were pulling into the parking lot. The man insisted that I had to look at one of the rental cars. I told this guy to take some pictures so I could keep working, but he was persistent. When I looked inside of the rental car, there were marijuana supplies all over the vehicle. There was an empty tote of marijuana in the middle console plus various butts from a joint or various in the door. The back seat had wrappers from marijuana edibles plus inside of the glove compartment was a half ounce of marijuana that was still not even opened. Jack wanted to make sure that someone else was there to see all of the marijuana items, because it was definitely something that my associate and I don’t see every single afternoon.


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