My coworkers and I were on our way back from a business convention. We were all tired, because the convention had gone on for 5 days. Most of the information that we learned was already part of our routine job and that meant that we were bored throughout most of the daily meetings. We were going to fly to the destination that is about 6 hours away, but at the last minute the boss said it was going to be more cost efficient for my coworkers and I to drive to the destination together. The company paid for a car, so we got a really big SUV so everyone had plenty of room for our legs, luggage, and personal items. It wasn’t terrible to drive to the destination with my coworkers. We actually found a lot of things to talk about. One thing that we talked about was our mutual love of recreational marijuana. When we were on our way back from the convention, my coworker suggested stopping at a recreational marijuana dispensary about halfway between the two places. It was about 45 minutes out of the way, but the guy said that the place had the best deals on marijuana in the whole state. We all agreed to stop and it is a good thing that we did. The place had a lot of great sales on marijuana. I got buy one and get one for free on dried marijuana flower, edibles, and even a couple of different marijuana concentrates. The place really did have great prices and excellent deals.

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