My wife and I ordered some cannabis supplies from a dispensary that offers delivery services.

As long as customers spend $100 on medical or recreational marijuana supplies, they can have the items delivered for free.

My girlfriend and I spent $150 on recreational marijuana supplies. The driver was supposed to arrive within an hour. That’s what the budtender on the phone told us when she called to review our order and give us the total. It was a few minutes before 6 when we placed the order online and the budtender called to give us a delivery time around 6:15. We expected to see the driver sometime around 7 or 7:30. By 9, the driver still had not arrived with our recreational marijuana products. I was getting frustrated, so I decided to contact the dispensary. That manager answered the phone. She told me that the delivery driver had already left with all of the orders for the night. When she checked to see if my order was one of those, I got bad news. Somehow our order was completely missed and never ended up leaving the store with a driver. The store was only open for another 30 minutes when we called. Since the delivery driver was already gone, my girlfriend and I could not get our items unless we drove to the dispensary to pick them up. I was incredibly frustrated and annoyed after waiting that long. I told my girlfriend that we should just cancel the order and go somewhere else in the morning.
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