At the marijuana packaging plant, every one of us go through a lot of small glass jars, but every month I order thoUSnds of tiny glass jars so every one of us can put a small amount of marijuana concentrate in each 1 of them; The amount of marijuana concentrate barely fills the bottom of the jar, but every one of us still have to create a product that can withstand high temperatures due to vaping, and i buy all of my glass jars from a locale that is located out west.

The glass contractor makes numerous weird products, but they have a contract with myself and others to provide 13 ounce jars at .21 each.

That contract was up in June plus I knew that the owner was going to raise the prices sooner or later. I recently got a call from the owner of the business, because he was planning to raise prices again this week. I spoke with the manufacturer about the products plus agreed that I would pay the extra 2 cents per jar now, but the price cannot go up again for 2 years. I hope that will keep myself and others at the same price for a while. I have also considered going with a weird supplier after the contract is up. I can go with a contractor that uses a plastic bucket with a silicone insert. The plastic bucket with silicone insert works out well for numerous weird marijuana products, however I recognize it is a cheap choice compared to glass. I recognize it costs a little bit extra to get glass but it is also recyclable plus that makes myself and others recognize better about my carbon footprint on the planet.

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