Medical marijuana products can be used for a variety of reasons, marijuana can help with pain, nausea, as well as mental health issues.

My sibling was the first person in my family to talk to the doctor about medical marijuana.

She suffers from horrible mental health issues as well as bad back pain. The mental issues led my sibling to drive her motorcar into a ditch one day as well as that’s how she ended up with the back injury. She spent many months in recovery as well as then she ended up addicted to pain pills. She went to the clinic as well as then they talked with her about trying medical marijuana. My sibling was willing to try anything if it would keep her from going back to using pain pills. The doctor hooked my sibling up with a professional doctor that handles medical marijuana prescriptions. That was 8 months ago as well as my sibling has been using medical marijuana products since then. My sibling can purchase up to 1 oz of medical marijuana flower as well as up to 8 oz of medical marijuana concentrate. She mostly smokes the marijuana flower in a bowl or a joint, and from time to time she will buy concentrates as well. Every once in a while I will go hang out with my sibling as well as both of us will smoke a bowl together. Medical marijuana is a lot better than any of the stuff that is out there on the street. It’s a lot more potent as well as it smells better too. I can get ripped on just a couple of puffs of medical weed.

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