Jack and I went to the dispensary on Saturday and there was a lady in the lobby giving out free samples of cannabis concentrate.

The lady was from a cannabis manufacturing company that Jack and I knew very well.

We have purchased items from that manufacturer in the past. We have never been disappointed with the product that we received. The lady in the lobby told Jack and I that there was no limit on the amount of free items that we could purchase. If we bought one, we were going to get one for free. Jack and I waited until it was our turn to go back to the lobby to see a budtender. As soon as we walked through the back doors, both of us started asking about the buy one and get one for free special. I picked out a couple of grams of cannabis concentrate. One of the concentrates was an old favorite called OG Kush. I also purchased a sativa called green crack. Jack purchased a couple of cannabis concentrates as well. I waited until Jack was ready to check out and then both of us went up to the counter. The bartender gave me the total for my order first. The total was much higher than I anticipated. I asked the budtender if she gave me all of the sale prices. She went through the order line by line. When she got to the cannabis concentrates, she told me that only one of the products was buy one and get one free. We were only allowed one special person, despite the fact that the lady in the lobby told us something different.

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