During the pandemic I entirely boned up on our cooking skills; When I was a child I spent several hours in the family room with Grandma studying the family secrets, however thanks to university and working, I gradually stopped cooking meals for myself.

Thanks to COVID19 I had a lot more free time on our hands, and started breaking out the aged recipes.

I also added a few new ones into the mix, mostly recipes involving cannabis. This was the first time I had ever cooked with cannabis, and there was undoubtedly a studying curve involved. To be 100% honorablewith you, I have never been ridiculous about cannabis edibles, I have always been a smoker. Experimenting with cannabis cooking had little to do with myself and others wanting to switch over to edibles, it was mostly about being bored. I was bored out of our mind, and spending a few hours concocting a complicated meal gave myself and others something to focus on, then adding cannabis into the recipes occurred to myself and others while I was smoking a joint in the family room one night. I was making a creamy pasta sauce at the time, and decided on a whim to put a few grams of OG Kush into the grinder and sprinkle it into the sauce, and from there I started to dial it in a little more carefully, and added more and more cannabis to the food I made. It’s funny to note that since I don’t love eating sweets, I never tried to make pot brownies; Pot brownies are the easiest and most basic cannabis edible you can make, however they don’t appeal to me.

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