It was sort of a whim and it sort of wasn’t. I’m probably the only person who went to college in the early 70’s who never smoked marijuana. It was literally everywhere back then. I remember my mother asking me what that smell was the first day she moved me into my freshman dorm. I didn’t know because I came from a small town and there wasn’t anybody I knew that smoked marijuana. The only thing I knew about marijuana was that it was evil and I had to stay way away from it. That also went for alcohol and most girls who didn’t go to church every Sunday. But it didn’t take two or three days before I was offered some form of cannabis five or six times. And each time, I politely declined the invitation to use any sort of cannabis products. Once I was out of college, I really never thought much more about marijuana until states began legalizing medical marijuana. I was all for that because I think anybody should be able to get something that’s natural to aid them with pain or any kind of suffering. I was really glad to see that medical marijuana passed. When recreational marijuana passed not too long ago, I wasn’t as glad as I was curious. And that’s how I ended up sort of walking into the local cannabis spot accidentally on purpose. I was just so curious to see what I had been missing out on all these years. And now, I know why cannabis products are so popular and people find so many benefits when it comes to marijuana.

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