I’ve been around and dealing with anxiety and depression long enough to know to be wary of stuff that sounds too good to be true.

But when medical marijuana was legalized here in this state, I was curious.

I have friends who immediately figured out how to get a medical marijuana card. They were also the same folks I knew who had been championing the benefits of medical marijuana for years when it came to mental and emotional health. But it wasn’t until the state legalized recreational marijuana did I hear from some people who hadn’t used marijuana before. These are the people that really changed my thinking when it came to using cannabis products to help relieve anxiety and depression. I had been on the antidepressant merry go round for more than a decade. Actually, it’s closer to two decades now that I think about it. The efficacy of my anti anxiety medication was waning. While I appreciated whatever help I got in managing my anxiety, the meds just weren’t doing it for me so much anymore. On top of that, there were so many side effects that hit me the wrong way. Since marijuana was legal, I decided to take a trip to the cannabis dispensary. I’m glad I did because I talked to people who were experts when it came to finding me the right cannabis products. I was guided more to the sativa end of the spectrum and bought some pure sativa cannabis products. I also bought some sativa dominant hybrid strains for sale as well. I was stunned at how quickly my perspective and my anxiety completely changed. It was as though the cannabis products were almost making my anxiety sort of evaporate.

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