There are days when I’m sitting at my desk and I swear that time just stops.

It’s always the worst days for me when this sort of phenomenon takes place.

Great days at work seem to fly by. The bad ones just crawl on forever. When this happens, I like to make a plan for a quick pit stop at the cannabis dispensary on my way home. For years, I was the sort of woman who went home after a rough day and hit the wine probably a bit too hard. I felt a lot better because I would listen to music, talk on the phone or whatever. The wine helped me flush the memories of my day away like some trash. But all that wine also made me feel pretty horrendous when I woke up to do it all again the next day. Being hungover is a great way to follow up a bad day with an even worse one. I think that’s why I like using cannabis products over alcohol. When I swing by the cannabis dispensary to pick up some purple haze or maybe some orange kush, I come out of there already feeling good. There’s something about just walking in that building and experiencing the good vibrations that help me relax after a brutal day at work. On these days, I tend to stick with sativa strains or the sativa dominant hybrid strains for sale. The sativa helps me relax while also keeping me positive and hopeful. The little bit of indica in some of the hybrid strains for sale also help me relax and fall asleep a whole lot easier. The next day, I actually wake up refreshed and ready for a good day instead of a repeat of the same old garbage.

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