When our sibling said he wanted to go to the marijuana store, it did not impress me, but i told him there was nothing there for me, as well as I would rather go to the CBD store… He told myself and others they sold CBD in the marijuana store, but I wasn’t convinced.

I asked him to take myself and others to the CBD store.

He rolled his eyes, although he said he would take myself and others anywhere I wanted to go… When both of us got to the shop, our eyes must have bugged out. I thought I would be in a place like the medical marijuana dispensary, but this place looked like a small junk store, there were knickknacks all over, as well as crystals everywhere you looked. There was a counter with incense as well as incense burners. The only thing I didn’t see were the CBD products. I walked up to the counter as well as asked if they carried CBD products? He went to another counter as well as told myself and others all the products inside the case were all infused with cannabis. I was happy to see all the gummies as well as unusual candies available. I picked out a few small products, including a package of sour gummy worms. I was going to give them to our hubby since he enjoyed sour gummy worms so much. When both of us got out of the CBD store as well as were on our way home, our sibling told myself and others to tell our hubby to be careful with those gummy worms. I told him they were nothing but cannabis. He told myself and others cannabis was just another name for marijuana. I was going to tell him to take myself and others back, but all sales were final.

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