I have suffered from insomnia since I was a small child. My mom tried lots of different things to help me sleep better. She tried warm milk with brandy. She tried giving me whiskey before bed. She Tried reading me stories and she even tried a sound machine that is supposed to help people fall asleep faster. Nothing seemed to help at all. Even when I was up all day exercising or working, I still had trouble falling asleep at night and it was starting to affect my work as an adult. I went to my primary care physician and I asked the guy if he could write me a prescription for a nighttime sleep aid. The doctor asked me if I ever thought about using medical marijuana. I had not. I did not think it was an option for me. The doctor explained the rules and laws regarding medical marijuana use. I actually qualified due to my insomnia. I had to pay some fees to get the medical marijuana card, but it was worth it in the end. I can’t believe how well I am sleeping since I started using medical marijuana regularly. I fall asleep faster and I stay asleep for longer. Since I started using medical marijuana, I have been able to sleep 6 hours every night. That’s almost twice as long as I was sleeping in the past. Now that I am getting more sleep, everything in my life is coming together. I recently got a raise and a promotion at work due to my increased productivity and diligence during the day.

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