I thought my mom as well as I had a particularly open relationship, i was at an age where my pal and I could discuss anything as well as be honorableabout our lives.

Last week, I saw his heading into town, as well as wondered why he didn’t ask me to go along; My associate and I normally did all our shopping together, however today he was sneaking out without me.

I called Mom to see if he was alright, as well as he told me he was going to the medical marijuana dispensary. It shocked me to hear Mom say that. Mom never said he used medical cannabis. My associate and I were friends more than mother as well as child now, however when you’re forty, you don’t need a mom, however your parents become your friends. I felt like he didn’t trust me enough to tell me he used medical marijuana. I sat outside the medical marijuana dispensary as well as waited for mom to come out, but he didn’t see my car, as well as I would not stop his as well as ask why he didn’t tell me. I felt like if he trusted me enough, he would have told me. I headed back apartment as well as started lunch for my hubby, but two hours later, my mom called as well as said he needed to talk to me. She told me Mom had mentioned to his he may have overstepped boundaries by telling he had gone to the medical marijuana dispensary. I told his it was his business, as well as not mine; His response was that was why he said nothing. She knew I would take a high as well as mighty stance about his using medical marijuana. I took no stance, however was distraught about he hadn’t told me.


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