I have heard people talk about medical cannabis and other talk about medical marijuana.

I wanted to know if they were two strange products or strange names for the same thing.

I asked my hubby, and he just stared at me while asking how seasoned I was? He knew how seasoned I was. My superb friend and I had been married for ten years. He said that cannabis and marijuana are the same thing, but anybody over the age of ten knows that nowadays. I know I wasn’t as educated in marijuana as the adolescents were. I regularly called marijuana, marijuana, and hadn’t heard of cannabis until recently. When they legalized marijuana, some of the wording talked about medical marijuana and others called it medical cannabis. I had been considering get a medical marijuana ID card. I didn’t want to get the wrong card. My hubby told me I could safely look up the state marijuana program and sign up to get a medical ID card. I would get medical marijuana even if they call it medical cannabis in the laws. I thanked him and reminded him of my age. I also asked him if he would go to the cannabis dispensary with me. He told me he would need to get a caretaker’s ID card if he were to go to the medical marijuana dispensary with me. I told him it would only cost him $30, and he laughed. A month later, he was walking into the medical marijuana dispensary with me. He told me he was excited, even if he wasn’t the one with the medical marijuana ID card.

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