My partner and I hired a company to take pictures during the Saturday night event for the museum.

Unfortunately, it was very last minute when we finally found someone and they wanted to charge even more money than I had in the budget. I didn’t have a choice, because we needed someone to take pictures. I hired the guy to work from 2 in the afternoon until 11 p.m. in the evening. I wanted before, during, and after shots. The photographer showed up about 30 minutes before the scheduled time for taking pictures. I was quite happy with his promptness and friendly attitude. The guy seemed like he was ready to get started. My partner and I showed the photographer where he would be working and we left the guy alone to set up all of his cameras, lenses, and lights. About five minutes before the first guests were scheduled to arrive, the photographer disappeared. My partner and I could not find the guy anywhere. We looked all over the property. When we finally found the guy, he was smoking pot outside of the back entrance. I could smell marijuana in the air, but I didn’t say anything to the guy. I really didn’t care if he was smoking weed or not as long as it was not interfering with the job he was hired to complete. When the photographer started disappearing every 5 minutes to smoke pot, then I had a problem and I had to say something to the guy.


The photographer kept stopping to smoke pot