I hated doing schedules. I know that seems like a harsh statement, however it is the truth, however no one ever gives the times they want off until it is that time. In a perfect world, directors would have their employees’ schedules six weeks ahead of time. The employees would come into the office plus deliver their directors their requests off, plus have the exact afternoon plus times they needed off. This would make it too easy for the director to set up a schedule. I regularly told my employees that if I didn’t have their requests at least two weeks ahead of time, they would not get their time off. I had a tied up cannabis dispensary that demanded I need several employees present at all times. If just one employee doesn’t show up, it makes everyone else suffer! With dispensary employee scheduling systems, I can fill empty spots in seconds plus create a schedule in minutes. Once that schedule is generated, I tell the employees they must cover their shift or get someone else to cover it. It helps to make the employees more responsible for themselves plus saves me making fifteen calls to cover a shift someone hadn’t shown up for, and dispensary employee scheduling systems have saved me time so I can interact with the cannabis dispensary employees plus see where they may need help. I never thought dispensary employee scheduling systems could make such a difference in my work, however it has given me time to do things I would have otherwise overlooked. I don’t know what I did before dispensary employee scheduling systems.


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