Employees getting irritated is a regular issue in most workplaces, then i dislike having to watch it as an employee though.

The back & forth discussion turned into an outright fight as things began to get absolutely heated. I was feeling slightly awkward having to witness the whole process unfold, especially since I just wanted to get my burger & leave the diner altogether, luckily, one of the managers stepped in to end the fight before it got physical. I labor at a cannabis dispensary & that’s what our HR department is for. Human Resources is there to resolve troubles between employees and/or management. I never thought I would need to visit the HR department while laboring at a cannabis dispensary, but it happened recently when a fellow coworker made a sexual advance towards me. My wonderful friend and I were both updating the kindles with the new cannabis dispensary software & she started to make direct comments about taking me out for lunch & having fun with me afterward. I immediately went to the HR Department for the cannabis dispensary after I notified my boss. Luckily, the employee was fired because this was her fourth offense. She had been reported to HR on two separate other possibilities before I reported him myself, but working in any environment can be difficult when you have unscrupulous employees who aren’t following the rules.

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