My husband and I started looking around for a home about a year ago.

It is amazing how many things on the list we need to have. I need to have at least two bathrooms. I am not sharing a bathroom ever again. I need to have my own office space as well. My husband wants a good chunk of land and to be private from neighbors. We both want town water, a fairly new roof and both heating and cooling. I also realized that where the house is located is key. I don’t want to cross major lanes of traffic to get groceries or go to the bank. I need to be near at least three different returns so we have date night options. I also need a cannabis dispensary near me. Yes, most cannabis dispensaries offer delivery services. Worst comes to worst I could familiarize myself with that. However, I really like being able to walk into a recreational pot shop and pick out my products. Right now I am in an apartment that is near a recreational marijuana shop. My husband and I love riding bikes over there and picking out our products. Not having that luxury world really stinks. I would settle for a short car drive if I had to. Needing someone else to deliver it is plan C in my opinion. I am really hopeful for a house nearby the city where there are pot shops, bars, restaurants and shopping. I want to be rural enough to have land and a good sized home. I also don’t want to spend a lot of money. So something isn’t going to work out I am guessing.

Medical marijuana