I used to struggle to make time to visit the local cannabis dispensary.

Any time I decided to shop at the end of the workday, I got stuck in rush hour traffic.

The drive should have taken me fifteen minutes but ended up being a forty-five minute ordeal. Once I finally arrived, there was no available parking. I drove around the block for another fifteen minutes waiting for a space to free up. Even the inside of the dispensary was crowded, and I needed to wait in line to pay. While there was less traffic when I chose to shop on the weekends, I was not happy with giving up my free time. I always have a million household tasks that need to get done. I also like that time to socialize, relax and just enjoy time off from work. Buying cannabis was becoming a hassle instead of a treat. Just recently, the dispensary added delivery service. This amenity has made such an improvement. I can now browse cannabis products whenever it’s convenient. I can scroll through the website when I’m on my lunch break, relaxing on the couch or first thing in the morning. I can narrow my search for favorite products by manufacturer, strain, potency, category, price or weight. I can check out the daily deals, budtender specials and use my loyalty points for discounts. Adding items to my cart is as simple as a click of the house. Because I already have an account at the dispensary, the whole process is quick and easy. If I place my order before three o’clock, the items are delivered that same day. If I spend the minimum amount, there is no added fee.



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